Blues in the Quagmire – Who’s to Blame?

So, Blues succumbed to another loss with a 3-1 away defeat to Brighton last night. We lost again, nothing new there under Zola. But I found myself irked with the post match autopsy that took place.

I take issue with Zola’s post match comments and what it now means for the team.  During his interview after the 3-1 defeat away to Brighton and Hove Albion he made the following remarks:

I don’t think it’s a step back because of the way the team played,

Again, prioritising performance over result, is it any wonder you have a win percentage of 9.52% would see nearly any manager either sacked or resign!

And don’t forget we were playing a team that is top of the league and above all their home record is probably the best in the Championship.

You fucking what mate? Boohoo, we were playing a good team! That sentence either means “well, we never expected to win because they’re much better than us” or “you can’t really worry about losing to top teams in the league” – both of which are terrible attitudes to have when languishing near the trap door.  All games in this league are winnable, that’s one of the amazing things about the Championship.

I came into the game with a very good feeling, I thought we were going to stand a very good chance and for the type of strikers we had up front we could have caused them problems.

Terrific, because pre-game feelings win games and relying solely on strikers that are struggling to find their scoring boots is excellent strategy.

That is the regret I have but other than that I don’t think it’s a step back.

No, it may not be a step back, but in 21 games it’s certainly not a step forward since you took over and results have been crap. So in summary – we were playing out of our skin, you came in, we played shit and we’ve not moved forward. Fantastic!

It simply doesn’t work Zola!  The players we have and the way you want to play are simply not compatible! And yet, week after week, result after result we continue to play 3 at the back with wingbacks.  The more adventurous those wingbacks are the more fragile we are at the back, I am sure there is a lovely correlation diagram to highlight such things! Keita, is clearly very gifted on the ball, has a good trick up his sleeve which masks issues on the pitch.  He gets fans excited when he pulls off a move, but his end product is terrible and he’s too lazy to track back and defend leaving us horribly exposed and costing us goals.

The problem is also, we are unable to revert back! If we switch to 4-4-2 then who do you play? If you play players from our squad in their favoured position in a 4-4-2 then our midfield will either lack creativity or defensive stability, it will never have both. If you are playing 2 in midfield then who gets the starting spot?

So does that mean we need to revert all the way back to 4-5-1 to ensure we’re not as exposed at the back? If that’s the case, then will we not need to become a counter attacking team again in order to become effective? Whatever system we play, I cannot see Kerim Frei – our most expensive signing in years, fitting into a Blues team and being able to show his talents and be affectual on games making him a huge waste of money.

What I find incredibly alarming is that Zola and his coaching team, with their single digit win percentage seem oblivious to the problems with the team or worse, unable or unwilling to make meaningful change.

What’s pissing me off more is Panos Pavlakis. Living the high life as a ‘Chief Exec’ acting the big man because he’s earning a wedge off the backs of all the hard working backroom staff at the club. Putting himself out there, living the highlife he is all but none existent on his personal social media channels now the club is in free-fall.

I admit, I saw him as a saviour figure during our ill-fated Carson era, wrestling control of the club away from those that wanted to milk it for their own gain and put the club back into the control of someone who wants to see the club thrive.

Was that really the case? what did he do exactly? He managed to appoint Ernst and Young who effectively took control of the day to day – Feet up time for Panos as people that knew what they were doing were put in charge.  At the time EY did the sensible thing and left Panos at the helm in the UK as he seemed to have the ear of the people.

He was the reason we have Zola in charge, Zola was his man. He knows nothing about running a football club.  Sure, he knows how to sit on his well-paid behind and watch sports – fuck, even I know how to do that – does that qualify me for the role of Chief Exec? If so, I will most definitely be submitting my CV to Paul Suen because I’m damn sure I could make a better fist of it than the current waste of space we have.

Panos wants to be adored, wants to sit above everyone else on some sort of fat cat pedestal and he’s no longer able to ‘hang-out’ with Blues fans and post pictures of being one of the fans because he simply isn’t one of us. Now results have completely gone tits up he’s gone silent, stopped posting, stopped interacting which is mark on the character of the man.  If you want to engage with the fans Panos, you have to engage even when things are horrible and challenging. But engaging during these times doesn’t mean posting pointless messages about “needing to stick together”. It means treating us like real human beings with real brains and actually engaging.

Yes, some football fans are morons and will post abuse, but that’s not an excuse to ignore the majority.  If people abuse you on social media report them, block them or don’t friend fans in the first place.

It won’t be long until TTA and Paul Suen realise that Panos is void of any use to the football club and the sooner he is gone and takes his buddy Franco with him the better.

What surprises me is the apathy towards the whole situation from the fans. I’ve never known Blues fans to be so disillusioned about their club.  I think a major part of that is the fact that fans are so divided over the main issue with club. Zola needs time, Zola out, Board silence, Panos Silence – there are so many ‘camps’ to be in and fight for that the fans no longer have a common ground.


What this action is made up of and what cause will always be the point of contention, but it needs to happen.

Although I can’t make it, I will be interested to see how the fans are on Saturday against Derby with Gary Rowett in charge.  It’s childish and churlish to say, but I want Blues fans to spend 90 minutes singing in support of Gary Rowett.

dimettersi Zola!

θέτω εις σάκκον Panos!

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