Great Football, Shit Fans

Ok, so I’ve sacked off the “movies” page to this blog as my use of my unlimited card has seriously diminished over the last few months or so, therefore movie reviews have not been forthcoming. I have however, decided to switch it to a general sports page as I’m quite the armchair fan.

I wanted to briefly brain-fart on the concept that top-flight football has become stale from a supporter’s perspective.

I was very fortunate over recently to be one of the 9,000 away supporters Lincoln took to the Emirates Stadium on Saturday for their FA Cup Quarter Final clash with Arsenal.

I’m not an Imp’s fan, we all know that, but I am very fortunate my missus works for who she does in that we can get tickets for free for National League football teams and this was one of those occasions!

Fancy going to the Emirates to support Lincoln on the 11th?

Yes I do. Cheers!

I won’t go into a lot of detail, but piss-up and brewery spring to mind upon our arrival. Mostly as Arsenal it seems were incapable of organising efficient entry into the ground for the away fans as it took us over 40 minutes of queuing to get into the ground; a minute or so after Kick-off and no beer once inside.  I mean, what the FUCK! Nothing pisses me off more as an away fan than when no alcohol signs are put up at the refreshments stands inside a ground.  Pricks!

Anyway.  Moving on.

Once inside, I was treated to 90 minutes of singing, jolly and real support for a football team – all of it from Lincoln fans!​

​On the 49th, 75th and 89th minute the arsenal ‘fans’ sang for about 10 seconds.  I know, because that is when the Lincoln fans acknowledged their Arsenal counterparts for at least attempting to show some interest.  Other than that, their fans remained silent.

It just felt completely stale, like the those in the home end couldn’t be arsed with it, or were unaware they could sing.

I’m not saying the blues is the liveliest of venues for home fans, but they’re better than that which I am very grateful for.

One of our group (who is an utter football nut) said something very interesting when we left the ground – “You can definitely tell the difference between fans and supporters”.  You know what, he’s absolutely spot on.

Now, it does take a supporter to travel to away games to follow your team, maybe which contributes to the noise way fans tend to make, especially in teams outside the premier league. I just never watch a Premier League match on Sky and think “that’s a cauldron, I bet it’s amazing”. I never really seem to hear much from Premier League fans.  I’m not saying they’re all mute, but it’s not something that wows me any more about top flight football. And that in itself is a shame.  It’s top flight football, support should be top flight too, right?

No. what we appear to have now are fans. I saw a video a month or so ago where they interviewed a Liverpool fan who was lamenting the change in scene at Anfield. Moaning that the famous Kop was all but corporate seats these days and the price of tickets had taken the club away from the ones that deserve, the local fans and placed it into the path of those that could now afford it.

That notion in itself is worrying. Is big business driving the real supporters out through hospitality and price hikes?

Whatever the reasons for it, crowds at Premier League clubs and especially the top Premier League clubs is terrible. People not knowing how to support their team, not making enough noise, not caring to sing in one voice to support.

One of the biggest symbols of this at the Emirates are the gigantic fucking flags they have at one end that go up when they score.  Things that piss me off about these:

  • You were playing non-league opposition you wankers, where the respect?
  • These were clearly not supporter flags
  • The CLUB had clearly paid for the flags
  • The CLUB had clearly paid for people to wave them when they scored
  • It takes responsibility for this type of support out of the hand of supporters

I don’t know, but if Arsenal do not allow their fans to bring in their own flags, even ones not on massive fucking poles that’s a crying shame and another indictment of the sad situation Premier League clubs find themselves in.

I tell you what Arsenal fans, get yourself to a club where you’re allowed to sing, dance and generally have fun and start supporting a team instead of sitting there like a lobotomised turnip; thinking you’re the dogs bollocks because you’re sat on a padded seat; in a stadium sponsored by a UAE Airline; paying over the odds; to watch a bunch of highly paid millionaires kick a ball about; not giving a shit for who you are.

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