Enough Now Zola – It’s Not Me, It’s You!

Another game we should have won, another game we didn’t.  Hands up, I wasn’t at the game last night so I cannot comment on specifics of the performance.  But I can pass judgement on the stats:

Zola’s 15 league game  tenure – 11 goals and 9 points = 0.7333 goals and 0.6 points per game


Rowett’s last 15 league games – 17 goals and 23 points = 1.1333 goals and 1.5333 points per game

Bear in mind, that Rowett’s set of games included the bad patch that ultimately lead to his demise it doesn’t reflect well on Zola.

Now, I’m not calling for the board to grovel back to Rowett and ask for him back with a promise that they will change and make it work this time round.  I genuinely believe the only way we would see him back at the club as manager is under new ownership and even then, I would be sceptical.

What I do think though, is that the board need to take a seriously long hard look about our current situation.

At the current rate Zola is picking up points, we will end the season with 6 more, on 49. Over the last 4 seasons, the team finishing 22nd has been relegated with 40, 41, 44 and 54 points.  On average over this period teams are relegated with 45 points (rounded from 44.75).

The good news, is that we should pick up enough points that this doesn’t become an issue. But the fact remains, continuing on this course with this set-up, with this points turnover it will be tight.  It will be tight and it has no right in being so. We should be safe with where we were come mid-December.

The downfall under Zola has been that spectacular we now have to look over our shoulder at the trap door with trepidation.

The time has come for Zola to fall on his sword, do the honourable thing and prevent being the man known for getting a solid team relegated.

It’s not all Zola’s doing. Panos, who was instrumental in bringing Zola in above anyone else also needs to go.  Pithy social posts when we win and virtual silence when we suck is not a way to engage with fans. Anyone who thinks he truly cares about Blues fans are sorely mistaken. He’s self-interested in being a “big-exec” in the sporting world, being seen at the big events, being a name.

What the club needs is a solid manager, one who knows how to get results primarily.  If they can throw in some ‘total football’ then all the better, but I don’t really care about that.  Birmingham also need a Chief Exec that understands what it is to be a Bluenose, who has experience of the football world who can offer real industry advice to TTA who are too focused on the business rather than the football.   If TTA are to have any sort of success before they sell-on they will need real advisors keeping them on track.

So, to Panos and Franco I say this:

It’s not been working out for some time now, I’ve grown ever more distant in this relationship and it cannot carry on.  It’s not me, it’s you.  Please leave my house.

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