Too Much, Too Soon – Fans in Despair

Holy crap. Who would be a bluenose?

4-1 loss at home to a struggling Rangers side that had no win in 5 games and had lost the last 2 matches on the spin. Ripe for the plucking? not if you’re a Birmingham fan.  It’s part and parcel of being a bluenose, we will always lose to teams that are unable to buy a win.

This home truth should in no way excuse the result. Nor is it of any comfort to me seeing shit result after shit result.

I was firmly in the I don’t want Zola camp, hell I even tried (failing miserably) in trying to get the hashtag ‘notmymanager’ trending on Twitter. Why? because it was the only way I could deal with the situation at the time. I didn’t want the man managing my football team.  His record is utter cack – people hanging onto a failed playoff final match and a stint struggling away with West Ham the ONLY highlights of his managerial career.

I will never understand the logic. Even when I’m told he will make us more attractive for overseas investment – so fucking what? I couldn’t give a monkeys about that. We’ll play more attractive, attacking football – fuck off and do one! all I care about is whether or not we win matches and the eleven players on the pitch are committed, full blooded into getting that win.

What’s more attractive for overseas investment – a one time great player getting mediocre results playing passing football or a team in a play-off final/promoted to the Premier League, functional in doing all it can getting results with a partisan crowd cheering behind it?

It appears Panos has limited to zero influence in the running of the club anymore other than to pressure the media and marketing teams into trying to spin every single bit of bad news into a positive message.  Panos – things are crap, what are you going to do?

A major requirement of Panos was to empower TTA with knowledge of owning and running a football club, and not just any football club, Birmingham City. Fair enough it needs to be part of a grand master plan, I don’t doubt that.  But that master plan HAS to be well conceived.  What we are witnessing is far from that.

Who drew up the manager shortlist to replace Rowett? what qualified them to make this shortlist? what was their criteria? was the levels of the current playing squad considered when making the change? did they assess whether the current playing squad could handle the change in philosophy? Those are just some of the questions I would put to TTA.

I mentioned in another post, change at a club needs to be more of an evolution than revolution.  You are unable to enforce so much change in an organisation and expect it to take.  No other business would do that, or if they did they would expect to write off a year of income in order to make the change.  What TTA and Panos needs to understand is that in football you do not have that time.  Change should have started at squad level. Provide a resolute team with a bit more guile and craft. Get talent working hard and making a difference. Then upgrade players that can do a little more than just defend and then maybe add a manager that can get all this working on a new level.

Don’t bring in a new manager, task him with completing changing the footballing style and culture within the squad and add 4 or 5 players that can ‘attack’. Asking a team that was built on being solid to bomb forward, pass the ball around and be attractive was going to be a huge risk.  That risk is clearly not paying off.

I do not think we should sack Zola. What’s the point? he should be able to tick over enough points (about 6) between now and the end of the season to keep us up.  Play-offs are a distant dream and shall be forgotten until a new regime can give us hope again.

Let’s just wait until the end of the season, assess the fucking mess we will be surrounded by and start again. I have a feeling though, that one or two more defeats on the spin will force Zola’s hand and he will walk regardless of TTA’s plans as he’s a football man and knows when he’s beat.

The one thing the fans need  in all this is communication from the board.  They won’t read this, they won’t get anywhere close to this blog post, and that’s fine.  But just in case they do, here’s my message – Open a dialogue with supporters, we’re the life blood of the entity you’re trying to sell, and without us you have nothing. Get us on board with your program and we’ll tell you what it means to be a bluenose. Then, working together with you running the club, us keeping it going with the money we spend supporting and being the twelfth man we can take this club forward.

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