The Games Gone Mad

OK, so I’m a little late coming to this blogging party – consequently this post is a couple of months behind the times, but it still garners feelings of anger inside me that writing this post might be cathartic in itself, we’ll see!

So, the 14th December, what a day! not one of those ‘FUCK YEAH’ what a day, more like one of those fuck my life sort of days.  Rowett, gone! madness! we’ve just beaten Ipswich, got ourselves 7th, keeping pace with the play-off pack and the royal blue steam engine was ticking over nicely. Up steps the three new board members from Trillion Trophy Asia and the man of the fans Panos Pavlakis with the footballing decision of the century. We don’t want Gary Rowett and his backroom staff, all ex-blue, all working hard in getting our squad of players to get results.  We want a name, a proper footballing name to play attractive football and bring in creative players that will woo footballing fans around the world.  Zola! Boom!

It appears in their heighten state of euphoria, after what I assume was a jumping high five in making the decision that no-one actually bothered to check Zola’s managerial record and whether or not he’s up to the difficult job of getting the team to achieve more than what it has already. here’s a very brief overview of the numbers:

Zola – Clubs:5; Games: 198; Won:68; Draw:46; Lost:84; Win %:34.34 (From September 2008)

Just as a fun comparison game:

Rowett – Clubs: 2; Games: 248; Won:105; Draw:66; Lost:77; Win %:42.3  (From March 2012)

What the above tells me is twofold – Firstly, Zola’s managerial record is in no way better than Rowett’s and secondly, that despite being in the management game for 4 years more, Zola hasn’t clocked up as much game time as Rowett.

It’s the latter I find more interesting: more clubs, less game time tells me he finds it hard to get clubs to agree to let him manage and once he does find a club he’s not usually there very long before being dismissed.  Now, that’s just on the face of it, Zola could well be a victim of circumstance in each tenure, I don’t have the time or inclination to research such things, but what I do know is that none of this information was factored into picking Zola for the position.


“I Think You Need to Move On Mate”

This was the advice I got from a fellow tweeting Bluenose a week or so after the olde managerial Switcheroo and I can’t, I simply can’t get over it.

I can’t because the decision makes no sense, on any face of it.  I know there are rumours that TTA didn’t trust Rowett to spend the funds in January, there are also rumours that TTA were left with their noses out of joint with Rowett not committing himself to a new contract when suitors came knocking.  On top of these rumours, I feel Rowett was a victim of circumstance, with TTA only seeing games where Blues were not at their best, especially the 4-0 away to Newcastle and seeing the gulf between those with money and those without.

I can’t because the board (and man of the fans, Panos) haven’t spoken to the fans, the most important aspect of the football club.  We don’t know why, tell us why, tell us what you are doing with our football club – Don’t tell us “You have the best interest of the club at heart” and to “trust our decision”, blind faith is stupid and dangerous, keep us informed, keep us part of the direction.

I can’t because the club brought in Zola with a razzamatazz of an amazing coup that will be the start of something amazing – I’m sorry to say I think the club massively misjudged the social strategy on this, bitter fans like me just became further enraged.

I can’t because when all is said and done, when the dust has settled and my heart rate has dropped just below triple figures I get the sense that the whole beastly mess has forgotten the most important thing, the fans.  No-one was calling for the change in leadership, no-one wanted Zola to be that man to replace Rowett.  We were operating as a great family club, Rowett and his coaching team were all ex-blue and there was a feeling of all of us in this together, the coaching staff, the players and the fans, all operating as one entity, knocking on a glass ceiling we had no business touching with the assets at our disposal.

Now, I won’t lie to you (or myself) and tell you Rowett was God on earth. He made mistakes, sure he did, not all of his signings worked out, the football we played wasn’t pretty or based on possession, but we will never know what heights he could have taken us to with a bit more financial clout behind him. TTA supposedly didn’t trust him to spend their cash, that’s fair enough, but a new scout in charge of recruitment was appointed around the same time as Zola, why could Rowett have not used him?

There are still more questions than answers and TTA and Panos are still burying their heads in the sand when it comes to these questions – it’s simply not how you run a football club.

I am also surprised at how short Panos’ memory is – Surely he can remember the vitriol direct towards Carson and his cronies when his ill-fated tenure had hit the rocks? surely he can remember how the fans turned on Carson, the songs, the banners? that’s what happens when you forget the fans in all things Blues. It won’t take a genius amongst the Tilton Alliance to substitute Carson for Panos when they begin singing “All we care about is BCFC” and if results continue and the silence continues, they will.

This post was inspired by the news that today (my day of writing this) that Zola has made the worst start to a managerial reign of any Blues Manager since 1889, that’s not a typo, yep 1889! no previous manager has been winless in their first 7 games in charge of a blues team since before the first world war.

But, THE worst thing about this, is the unnerving feeling we have copied the horrendous decision making of the new Asian owner of the mob across the Expressway. He appointed a creative manager to spend lots of money make certain of promotion. Di Matteo worked out so well the Villains ditched their creative manager for a solid, but unspectacular British manager to just get results … I wonder if Rowett will still be available for interviews come March?

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