Movies – Cash v Content

I believe that the 12A film classification is singlehandedly destroying movies coming out of Hollywood.

I believe I had just received my black unlimited card from Cineworld, telling me I was a super unlimited user, that had managed to maintain his ‘red’ unlimited membership a whole 12 months without fault and was good enough to now join the big boys on the black card.

It was late Jan, and still, after 12 months of unlimited movies, I was still keen to see everything that was out, going 3 times a week usually to catch the latest flick.  This time it was the turn of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Now, I wasn’t expecting it to set my world on fire or anything like that, but I was expecting to be entertained, which is really my only expectation. What I got was an hour and 45 minutes of bullshit, cutaways and an awful attempt to create an action movie that doesn’t offend.

Fuck You! Paramount Pictures et al for ruining what could have been a much better film.

What is the point in creating an action movie that doesn’t make you wince, that doesn’t show some bad guy or his thugs being shot to bits? I’m not saying you need to create a Rambo 4, setting records for the most deaths per minute in a movie, but what I am saying is that an action movie is more than just a car chase sequence, a few fight sequence (without gore) and a few snazzy jumps – it needs grit, it needs to poke the beast within that makes you want to be the one holding the gun screaming “say hello to my little friend”.

So, because the studio want to make top dollar on every production they try and do their best to create the “mass appeal” effect.  By making the film a 12A rating (PG-13 for our colonial cousins) under 12’s are allowed in if accompanied by an adult, essentially opening the movie up to everyman and his dog.

This was the first time I had come across this notion, or at least acknowledged the problem.  since then it seems as though it’s been an endless stream of recycled Hollywood garbage sent out on a conveyor belt of inoffensive language designed to get as many people seeing the movie as possible.

Please, from now on make movies appropriate to ages, if you’re going to make an action thriller, set it as a 15 age rating and cram in age appropriate content. The 12A certificate should be reserved for films aged at 12 year olds that could be appropriate for younger viewers if their parents believe they can handle it.

I just want to come out of an action movie and think “That was full on”.

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